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There are many different ways of experiencing Naples.

Amadomus offers a series of initiatives that will enable you to enjoy Naples according to your own preferences.

The monuments of Naples.

During the course of history, so many different populations have dominated the city of Naples. Greeks, Spanish, French; each population has left traces of their passage. Every alley, every wall, and every street in the city still allows you to relive the past through the memory it preserves.

Neapolitan cuisine

There is a wide variety of traditional foods that need to be tried from pizza to a sfogliatella pastry, from Genovese pasta to delicious fish dishes. The culinary tour of Naples will help you discover the real flavours of Neapolitan cuisine.


Neapolitan style

The bars, stores, and the corner street kiosks are only some of the elements that make Naples a vibrant, welcoming, and unique city. This tour will allow you to discover the soul and traditions of the city.

Chic Naples

Naples is the birthplace of many of the most famous fashion boutiques. Neapolitan tailors and designers have won over the world with their flair for elegance and their artisanal tradition and know-how.

Unexplored Naples

This tour allows you to really experience Naples by avoiding the most common touristic circuits and discovering the hidden and mysterious traits of the real city.

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